The Accent Adventure

Song for this post: “Jungle Brother (True Blue)(Stereo MC’s Remix)” by Jungle Brothers

When I went to set up my student bank account at LSE I was forced with the sobering reality that they don’t just let you walk in and do it.  There are several pieces of paper with certain pieces of information that must be on them in order to be considered valid.  I won’t bore you with the details but I will tell you that I frightened several LSE employees and stomped around like a brat on Christmas morning in between several buildings at LSE breathing homicide and cyanide at anyone who dared to get in my way.  Plus I totally had a blister on my pinky toe.  So look out.

When the day finally came for my appontment at the bank to set up my account I had a nice gentleman named Faisal who was from London and he had a pretty thick British accent which I was able to navigate successfully for most of the appointment.  Towards the end there appeared be some technical difficulties by no fault of Faisal.  Sometimes technology doesn’t work smoothly.  I get it.  As a result, the system needed to be rebooted and I had to submit some information that I had already given.  When it came time to enter my address in the United States, Faisal asked me for my postcode.  His accent combined with me going into information auto-pilot, it sounded like this, “poustecowd”.  I was indeed spacing out a bit and given my inability to understand accents, I thought he was asking me for my online banking “passcode”.  I don’t think any human in any country calls it a passcode, but whatever, so I told him my online banking passcode and he entered this information. 

We’re about to finish and he looks at me humbly and asks, “Mr. Warner, I just wanted to verify that your ‘poustecowd’ was (insert passcode).”  The second time I realized he was asking for my postcode.  I blushed rather deeply, asked him to fix it and I gave him my real post code.  “Oh yes, Faisal.  Everyone in the US has VERY strange postcodes.  Mine in Rye, New Hampshire is PeanutButterLawnGnome.  Yes, that’s very normal.  Don’t be alarmed.  I have to go to my appointment with The Flying Spaghetti Monster and The Smurfs near the Candy Cane Forest.  I trust you’ll take care of all of this.  I must go though.  I parked my magic carpet in a handcap spot.”

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