The Whiteness

Song for this post: “House Wigger” by Junk Science

 While perusing one of my favorite websites,, I noticed in the list how incredibly white this trip to London is.  It combines serveral important components of whiteness in one seminal experience. 

#81 – Graduate School

#72 – Study Abroad

#19 – Traveling

#18 – Awareness

#120 – Taking a Year Off – Working for two years straight was really hard.  I better get back to school.

#112 – Hummus – Because realistically I’m going to be eating delicious Middle Eastern food and bragging about it.

#111 – Pea Coats – The British Navy used to wear pea coats and I most certainly plan on getting one while I’m here.

#7 – Diversity

#106 – Facebook

#105 – Unpaid Internships – Going to graduate school abroad is like an unpaid internship except instead of not getting paid for the experience, you pay for it.

#103 – Sweaters – I bought two sweaters right before I left.

#94 – Free Healthcare – Hooray socialism!

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2 Responses to The Whiteness

  1. Christopher J. Warner says:

    Ex-cellent first five blogs postings! Three additional London topics on which you MUST write — 1)The dimensions and accoutrements of your flat, as compared to the average freshman dorm room at Providence; 2) Whether you are beginning to hear yourself speak with an English accent or use English expressions; and 3) whether you have yet stood a round of whiskey and pints of bitter for all at your local pub, just before closing time. Also, have you yet imagined you saw Keira Knightley walking down Bayswater Road alone and bereft of your companionship on a sunny Saturday morning?

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